ReImagine Your Woodland

In this project, we'd like you to pause for awhile and think about the animals who make Tara Hill their home. Animals like the badger with their distinct black and white strips, foxes with their bushy red tails, wood mice with their big ears or the great Irish Hare with even bigger ears. And don't forget our amazing birds! From Santa's favorite bird the Robin to the big soaring buzzards always looking out for their next meal.

Sadly over the past few years, a lot of the woodland at Tara Hill has been felled. We would love to see you reimagine the woodland through colourful drawings. Using your pencil, begin to draw wonderful trees, plants and animals in your sketch pad. Then bring everything to life by using your colour crayons.

So find a spot to sit down and begin to draw and colour. Let your imaginations run WILD!
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