For this project, we are asking that you make or draw your own stick man, called The Clear Fellow. Just like the story of Stick Man, the Clear Fellow's story is fraught with danger.

The Clear Fellow lives deep in the woods at Tara Hill. Hidden amongst the trees are endless species of insects, birds and other other small creatures. The Clear Fellow's job is to take care of his community of creatures because they help keep our environment clean and healthy. Sadly, areas of the Tara Hill woods are being removed in large sections. The method used to take the wood away is called clear felling and our Clear Fellow and his band of merry creatures are busy trying to protect what is left of their home.
In that art pack supplied, you will find all of the materials you need to complete this project. Using the sticks in the grey box that have been cut from fallen trees, we want you to create your own Clear Fellow. Feel free to dress your Clear Fellow by wrapping the masking tape around the body and use your coloured crayons to fill in the clothes or to draw patterns on the clothes. You can use the googly eyes and the pipe-cleaner to bring your Clear Fellow to life. The easiest way to attach the pipe-cleaner is to wrap it once around the body and twist it a couple of times to tighten it. You can bend the pipe-cleaner to form arms or legs. You might need some help from an adult to take the adhesive backing off the googly eyes. Please pocket the backing to avoid littering...thank you :)


Using your sketch pad, pencil and colours, draw what you think the Clear Fellow might look like. You can also include some drawings of the friendly creatures that live in the woods with him. These might include a busy bee, a jumpy frog, a sneaky squirrel, a shy mouse, a wriggly worm or a beautiful bird.
A heartwarming rhyming tale of family, courage and adventure from the creators of The Gruffalo. " Stick Man lives in the family tree With his Stick Lady Love and their stick children three."... But it's dangerous being a Stick Man. A dog wants to play with him, a swan builds her nest with him.
Information about CLEARFELLING

Forests are carbon sinks that help slow climate change by removing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in trunks and soil. Clearcutting is the most common and economically profitable method of logging. However, it also may create detrimental side effects, such as the loss of topsoil, the costs of which are intensely debated by economic, environmental and other interests. Ultimately, the effects of clearcutting on the land will depend on how well or poorly the forest is managed, and whether it is converted to non-forest land uses after clearcuts. At Tara Hill, our local community group have been working hard with the forestry services to enact a NeighbourWood Scheme to reinstate the woods at Tara Hill and introduce more native species of trees back into the environment.
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