The NeighbourWood Project at Tara Hill will provide multiple services to benefit the local and wider community and biodiversity. As you’ll appreciate, Tara Hill has provided our community with an invaluable resource of wellbeing during one of the most challenging times in living memory. As part of an ongoing close working relationship with Coillte, we have agreed a NeighbourWood Plan to further develop 17 hectares of woodland around the summit of Tara Hill.

The aim of this NeighbourWood project is to enhance and promote:

Community: bringing together people from all walks of life to be involved in the project from the beginning to the long term upkeep of the area, which will also forge a greater connection with the community and a sense of ownership and pride in their local forest.

Education: creating an area that will be attractive to schools and other groups to use as a resource.

Biodiversity: the NeighbourWood area will have areas replanted with native trees, and existing native trees and native woodland habitats will be enhanced which will encourage a wider range of wildlife, flora and fauna into the area. Recently replanted commercial forests in this area will also be enhanced from a biodiversity perspective.

Heritage: protecting sites of interest and providing information on them.

Recreation: creating an enjoyable environment to be in, for walking, jogging, picnics, reunions with friends, supporting tourism and promoting general wellbeing in our district.
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